Research & Development

Sub Sea Services has over 50 products in our portfolio which is the result of a variety of activities within Research and Development. Our engineering team is encouraged to come up with ideas for improving existing and developing new products, and we deliberately recruit personnel with innovation and R&D in mind. 

The co-location of the new product development and production functions, ensures manufacturability of new products, responsiveness to customer input, efficient R&D processes, and a higher probability that the product will meet customer requirements. 

In some instances the development is of improved current products or solutions, in other instances we develop a solution from the ground up. Often our R&D projects are done collaboratively, where Sub Sea Services experts engage actively with our customers in order to develop and shape new products and services. In all situations, the goal for Sub Sea Services is to provide innovative solutions that lead to improved performance in time, safety, cost or quality for the customer.

Sub Sea Services has a range of activities, tools and arenas where innovations are formed. This includes “SSS Solutions Sessions” where Sub Sea Services organize a brainstorming session with a customer to canvas solutions to the customer’s or a Rig’s particular challenges. 

If you think you could benefit from a SSS Solutions Session, or if you have inquiries regarding our innovation initiatives, please contact  +47 518 39 530