Health, Safety and the Environment are always on our mind here at Sub Sea Services. We work hard to ensure no one gets injured, that the technical integrity of our equipment is assured and that we create a minimal impact on the environment around us.

We work under the mantra that product quality shall not be sacrificed for progress. However, we consider adherence to an agreed delivery schedule as part of the total quality picture. Risk assessments are done on work operations to establish routines to reduce the risk for damage at every level. We have a strict policy on ethical business practices and this foundation governs all our activities, – no matter where in the world. Risk management is an essential part of our everyday operation and it is our goal to be on top of all health, safety and environment issues.

All personnel within the various disciplines shall be skilled workers, or have the necessary training and experience. A lot of the training will be done on-the-job, under qualified guidance and supervision by superior personnel.

To secure that our HSE policy is adhered to, we have regular internal audits and inspections. Our guidelines follow the standards as set out by the Norwegian regulatory regime.




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